Warning: Mushy gushy love story ahead.

Jake and I met in high school when we were both young and awkward. Not much has changed now we're just old and awkward. I always had the biggest crush on him, but I never imagined he'd be interested. I was too busy dating his friends and I never thought he noticed me but that didn't stop me from daydreaming about his baby blue eyes and his little southern accent. We both ended up moving away from our hometown during high school so we never got around to crossing paths, but fate has a way of working those things out. Like facebook stalking each other 10yrs later.

We reconnected and it was "reconnected love at first sight"? I knew right away he was the guy. If I ever had doubts about someone having "a person" they were all silenced on our super classy first date .. at chipotle. He pulled up behind me in his bright yellow car and I was so nervous I thought about driving away. He greeted me with not one but 4 mixed CD's (yes, we act like we're in high-school) I somehow set my car alarm off and I awkwardly fumbled around with my keys trying to turn it off, but instead just tripped.. over my own two feet because being a human is hard sometimes. Somehow he didn't run away. He just hugged me. He was super nervous so it was rather shaky hug. We were both scared, but in a good way. I think it's because we knew that this was it. So after cramming our faces full of burritos the size of infants, we drove around talking about everything from our favorite bands to what life had been like for us for the last 10yrs. We laughed our little butts off and smiled until our faces hurt. AND - I would just like to publicly announce that Jake Ryan Saunders asked me to marry him on our very first date (more than once).. Lucky for him I found it endearing instead of creepy. 

Fast forward to our one-year anniversary. Jake surprised me with a trip to Savannah GA! I had never been before and he had only been talking about the place nonstop since we met so I was thrilled to experience the place he loved so much. Little did I know he'd be proposing to me. Anyone who knows me knows that it is pretty much impossible to surprise me. I'm like the FBI of surprises. So Jake deserves a serious high five for pulling this off. It's my favorite vacation to date. We wandered around Savannah, shopped our little hearts out, hung out with pals, face-swapped on the beach, stayed at a rad little retro themed motel WITH KRISPY KREME complimentary breakfast, drank too many slushies, .. and had ice cream before dinner. So here's our engagement story in images. The way I like to tell them.